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Ihave been playing @tablemnt for 10 years more the last few years never winning much its all about the fun .on 6/3/2018 i was playing a dollar slot 10xthe pay and the 10/10/10 stopped on pay line for 3 seconds then rolled off to a non winning hand .not good jackpot 20k i have had 4 reviews /3 different reasons why and no real explanation .its because they have holds on games that will not pay out IT goes in to a tilt mode and rolls off to a non win! they admit to the tilt mode since then i have not been unable to win and every time im there employs seem to be all around me watching my every move! they have par holds inadequate programing and act like i did something, truth be told they cheat with sub par programing and holds that wont let you win .supervisor ,director ,president , now commission, all try to blame me non have looked at all facts or been honest they seen the game stop up stairs on camera and still say im not a winner 3 differant (people had hands in game controls before supervisor got there) admit that you have bad programing and that there are holds on the games ,and there should notices about holds on games to be fair.according to laws and rules that game its not to be in action untill my despute is over its been played every day since and when the second person with hands in game the program teck pulled the hold and changed the program so they would not get caught cheating someone has won it went up to 30k everyone can look on line to see rules they are to abide to ,the commission is to ensure the honesty,integrity,and fairness between casino and its patrons tribal gaming commission not doing there job in all other jobs and lines of work if equeptment , malfuctions or messes up its not sorry im not paying or fixing that it gets fixed repaired or made right !!!!!!!!!!!!! pay me!!! 
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