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Awesome Casino.
(Updated: February 09, 2017)
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I've been to this casino a few times already. The second time I went, the VIP host comped me a free meal and was extremely helpful. I only play in the high limit room, which is only $25 minimum bet, so it's perfect for me. The rules for blackjack are great. Stand on all 17's, Bj pays 3/2, there is no surrendering though, which is pretty common in Indian Casinos. The pit boss was super nice and helpful. They really make you feel welcomed here. The comped meal was really good. We ate at the cafe, not the buffet, so the turkey club was absolutely amazing. Very generous portions of fries also. There is no alcohol however, which for me is perfectly fine. But I know some people like to enjoy a drink while playing, so something to keep in mind. The high limit room is the only area however where you can play without much crowding or annoying patrons. There are 4 other pits that include more blackjack, and a few carnival games, but they tend to be extremely packed most of the time; especially during the weekends. But if you can have a decent bankroll, the high limit room is perfect. I love playing here. I highly recommend the trip if you love table games. 
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