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I'm was a Diamond VIP club member until I was charged with felony vandalism and told I was excluded from the property. But if I had the money to pay for the broken glass in full that I would he allowed to be reinstated by the commoner. I have been a player at this facility for about a year and lose ALOT OF MONEY 💰 here. But occasionally I do win some I was playing this slot machine and the spin button kept malfunctioning I got irritated and didn't realize that I had broken the glass around-the-clock button I continued to play and was contacted by DPS and asked if i was playing at that slot machine and I answered in the affirmative.I offered to pay for the damage $1000.00 plus but since I didn't have the full amount they had me arrested and charged with felony vandalism. Sure I got carried away in the moment but by no means was it done with intent to break the glass ;.that was not my intention. But yet I'm not allowed back on the property for a year. This place is great entertainment but alot of the slot machines (buttons) have been broken foe a while.
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