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My husband and I used to be regulars at San Manuel until the economy went bad and they got tight with their payouts. We used to enjoy playing the Red Hot Jackpot slots but apparently so do the thousands of other people that go there. It's virtually impossible to even get near these machines, much less play them. You would think that as popular as they are, they'd get at least another bank of these machines.

We also stopped going because the cigarette/cigar smoke was just too much to take. It's horrendous. As soon as you walk into the casino, you can smell the stench of cigarette smoke. Although they have an upstairs and downstairs, unlike most well-run casinos who only allow smoking upstairs, San Manuel allows smoking in the entire casino, with only a small room with crappy slot machines designated as non-smoking.

After only a few hours in the casino your hair and clothes reek of smoke even after you'd get home. Worse than the smell, however, were the health effects, sore thoat, cough, sneezing the would persist for days if not weeks. The slot machines I like to play are also right outside of the Poker Room where smoking is not allowed, so in-between games, the poker players loiter around the slot machines puffing away and are so desperate to get back into the poker room that many times they just stomp their cigarettes out on the carpeting.

Even worse, on more than one occasion, these poker-playing jerks, unable or unwilling to make the effort to find an ashtray, put out their cigarette in my drink! You'd think with all the smokeless choices out there, San Manuel would just ban cigarette smoking altogether. OK, 'nuf on that subject.

As far as the casino service and amenities, it's not bad, if you don't mind handing over your money with little if any chance of winning. They do have a very large selection of slot machines. They also have quite a few card tables (blackjack and poker) which my husband used to enjoy playing. I regularly play at most of the indian casinos around Southern California and most of them have better payouts than San Manuel. I would not recommend San Manuel.
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April 25, 2016
San Manuel has its ups and downs like all casinos. I go there cause its close and im comfortable there. The staff is friendly. And I know allot of people.. Ive won couple Jack Pots and ive lost my butt off.. Only take what you know you gonna play leave debit cards at home. You might get lucky here. Sometimes you dont.. Only one negative thing I have to say about San Manuel. I took off my Dodgers Jacket fore five minutes.. And it was stolen. The security would not look in cameras to see who took it. They have better bigger issues to watch.. I guess.. I love San Manuel Casino other than that.. Good Food payouts are good. Nice friendly staff... A lot of entertainment!!!!!
vorginia madrigal
October 17, 2017
Barbara -

Thank you for the awesome feedback. A lot has changed in the last seven years since you review, which has included a ton of renovations, new restaurants, more slot machines and just a better vibe as part of our All Thrill 360 degree overhaul. With these upgrades and renovations, we have greatly improved the Casino's air flow, all of our restaurants are non-smoking, we have a fabulous non-smoking gaming room and we continue to make great strides with our air filtration system. In addition, all of our machines pay out according to industry standard and we average handpay jackpots of $1200 or more every 2-3 minutes. We would love to have you back some time to check out all of the exciting changes here at San Manuel!
-San Manuel Casino
San Manuel Casino
2 results - showing 1 - 2