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Stay Away. This place is going down hill!!!
(Updated: March 24, 2016)
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For starter's I have been a regular (fairly high roller) gambler at this casino since day 1. When they first opened and for a few years after, it was a fun place to go, the payback was fair and you could stay/play for several hours on a several hundred bucks.

In the past few months (and even one of the tribe members we know fairly well has seen and not happy with the changes and I quote him saying "there is stuff going on and it is not good- the casino is losing money") the machines have tightened up, the restaurants are closed on days they were usually open, the contests are fewer and HORRIBLE and the free gifts are purchased at the dollar store!

The regulars are dropping off and in the past month (ask anybody sitting at a slot machine) the machines are tight as hell. We usually play in the high limits room (play $5.00 - $10.00 a pull). When it takes $2000 in-between bonus rounds and sometimes more, something is wrong and this is throughout the entire casino! There are no in-between pay outs to keep you playing so not even fun! Don't get me wrong - it is GAMBLING. We can't expect to win every time but anymore at this casino it is NEVER.

The VIP manager is a joke. His employees can't even stand him as he is phony as hell and in my opinion one of the reason's this place if failing.

The high limits room only serves gook food and it is crappy gook food at that. Who wants to slurp on soup or eat a huge piece of fried chicken playing a slot or sitting at a table game! Come on people, how about some normal, easy to eat finger food!!

Sad but we will be finding another casino.
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