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The pay back on slots once was fairly good, but as more people began going to Red Hawk the pay back has decreased. Fifty dollars should not go buy so quickly. I change slots when I get absolutely nothing back after 6-7 tries but changing slots doesn't seem to help.Having a 1c over a slot machine is a big laugh. It should read 50c as most of the selections are blanked out and don't allow you to play anything less.
Players card free play is a big joke. How is this rated? In Nov 2015 I was awarded $10 weekly free play. My wife and I visited the casino 2 or 3 times the month before to obtain that free play rating. In Dec 2015 I was rewarded $10 weekly free play, again attending 2-3 times always playing about the same amount of money. In Dec both my wife and I had more free time and went to Red Hawk some 7 times spend a great deal more money than we had in the entire months of Sep,Oct and Nov. For Jan 2016 my wife was awarded $15 weekly free play and I was awarded 2500 points equal to $5 free play for the entire month of Jan 2016. Now how do they do their figuring?
There was a time when you could dine out at all you can eat and it was a bit decent, not great or outstanding. The salad bar and the desserts are fine, but that's where it ends.Their food has gotten steadily worse. Let's take a few items. Pork ribs. Dry, stateless appear like they are left overs from the night before. Breaded fish. Tasteless again and also extremely dry. Roast beef. Two ways you can have it. Raw and Raw. Mac and cheese. Dried out and tasteless.They have got to get different cooks in there that actually taste the food before they put it out. I use to be a cook so I know what I am talking about.
The casino now that it has a steady crowd is slowly but definitely in a decline and people like myself and my friends who see the same things I see, will seek a different place to gamble and dine out.
Wake up management and send some impartial persons to check out the things I've listed. I could write another 2 or 3 paragraphs on the things that need change and if you want to hear more, contact me at my e-mail address.
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