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Blackjack Review for Pechanga
(Updated: June 18, 2017)
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First of all, to put this review in context - I gamble an average of once a month, and I only play blackjack. The reason I gave a one star rating to the slots has nothing to do with Pechanga in particular, it's just that anyone who thinks slot machines are "gambling" is an idiot. Slot machines are vacuum cleaners, they suck out your money. No gambler who knows the odds plays slots. I personally don't play poker, so other people will have to review that. Now on to Blackjack. I have never learned how to count cards. But I play Blackjack as it should be played. I only play Blackjack at Pechanga. That's because I only play at the $5 table, of which they only have one, but that table pays 3:2 on blackjacks, which no other casino in Southern California, as far as I can tell does. That payoff basically makes Blackjack an almost even odds game, with only the slightest house edge. They also follow all other standard Blackjack rules. The only drawback is that they don't offer surrenders, which, of course, nobody does, because it would destroy the house edge. The single deck table, with a $10 minimum, pays off 6:5 on Blackjack, taking away the edge card counters would get, though the fact that they even offer single deck Blackjack is pretty amazing. I have not found another casino in the area that does, with the exception of high limit. I have probably been to Pechanga playing at that table about 10 times. Every single time, simple fundamental play has allowed me to leave the casino with some profit. Last night, for example, started with about $60, and left the table with about $200 three hours later, after having paid for four or five drinks in the process. I know that sounds like peanuts, but I gamble to enjoy myself, not to make money. The extra money is like being paid to have fun. Good atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable dealers. Eclectic mix of people, but that's OK. 
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December 02, 2018
I didn’t check the date of your post but I just wanted to let you know, about 25-30 mins south on pechanga parkway harrahs casino also pays 3-2 odds on blackjack and you can surrender. They do not have automatic continuous shufflers, it is machine shuffled but dealt from a shoe. Their single deck and double deck blackjack is the 6-5 odds. They have multiple $5 tables during slower weekdays and then they bump them up to $10 on the weekends... I know pechanga has those stupid automatic shufflers. Just some food for thought! It’s not too bad of a drive at all!!! And you can easily come up a few hundred in an hour if you play by the book.
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