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Same People Win the Drawings?
(Updated: November 21, 2013)
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This casino is truly awful. Unfortunately, I live almost right next door & my girlfriend is basically an addict. I, personally, try not to gamble here very much but, like I said, I live basically right next door to them & it's the only game in town.

My girlfriend believes that they cheat? at? their drawings & specials. It seems that there are certain people in this town that do a lot of winning over others. One particular person that comes to mind? seems to do a lot of winning at the drawings. There are just certain people in this town who seem to win a little too much. A little too often. My girlfriend & I have heard the same names come up entirely too often.

So, if you gamble at this casino, you do so at your own risk. The payouts on the slots are bad & the blackjack tables use at least 5 -6 decks. So,again-I tell you...if you're? thinking about visiting this casino to gamble-I HIGHLY RECOMMEND AGAINST IT.

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November 21, 2013
Just because you see the same people winning at drawings doesn't mean that the casino is cheating. You keep seeing the same people winning because they probably bet a lot of money. The more money you bet, the more entries you will earn for the contests and since they have more entries, they win more often.

Six-deck blackjack is not a bad game because they could be using eight decks like in Atlantic City. The rules of the game would be also be a major determinant as to whether or not the game is good or bad.
Steve Bourie
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