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I received an invitation to receive $100 free slot play and a Christmas dinner. The card said to RSVP by the 18th. Interestingly enough, that's the exact same day the card came in the mail! The card said to RSVP by emailing Danielle Sherman, or by calling. I emailed. Never heard back from them/her. The following day I follow up and I'm told "it's too late we're already booked." I get the runaround by The players club supervisor Jose who insists he's going to get to the bottom of the issue. He tells me to call back at 2 p.m. He claims he will discuss this with Danielle. Whether he actually did or not, I cannot say. But, the bottom line is he had my information, and therefore she should have called me back if he spoke to her. No phone call. Nothing. Again nothing. I call back again and I get attitude from the counter people answering the phone. They forward me to Danielle's voicemail. I tried to call back to get a manager above both of them but they kept just automatically resending me to her voicemail. Eventually she answers. She gives me the same runaround about how I do not qualify for the $100 because there are no more seats for the dinner. Keeping in mind that the same day I got the card was the same day I emailed her to RSVP. Which I was ignored. So now I'm basically being told that it's too late... Only to find out after the fact that she never responded to my email because she was supposedly out for 3 days. so not only did I do my part is she didn't do hers but the person who they put in charge of the rsvp'ing wasn't even available to do her job and they did nothing to make sure that somebody else was doing her job for her! So they mail me the card late, they ignore my emails/calls, and then I find out that the person who supposed to be putting people's name on the list who RSVP is not even there to do it. And then I'm being made to feel like it's MY fault, because I didn't "call" and I chose to email her my RSVP... under the RSVP section of the card I received, it literally gives you email as the FIRST option, and then says OR you can RSVP by calling. I did my part. Last year I was Black Card. You have to spend a minimum of 20 grand in like 6 months to do that! This year, due to financial hardships, I was only able to get up to red card... But I still spent plenty of money and was a regular, even though it's a 60-mile drive for me. Their resolution to this problem that is their fault? To just come in and play with my own money and hope that I get chosen on a "hot seat" at a slot machine. This is how they treat their regulars... This is how they treat people. I will never come back again.
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