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California 3391
Avoid this Casino if Possible.
(Updated: February 09, 2017)
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I'll start with the positives about this casino, because there are so few. The dealers and servers are extremely nice. I've actually befriended a couple that I enjoy talking to. They really go the extra mile to make you feel welcomed and make your time enjoyable. With that being said, that's about all for the good things about this place. The minute you walk in, you notice the dirty damaged carpets that look like they've never been changed, and were donated from a demolished Vegas casino from years past. Then you notice the extremely thick smoke that penetrates your clothing almost immediately. It's like there's no ventilation anywhere in the building. You get to take that smell home with you. The walls are made up of wood paneling that appears to be from a 1980's apartment, and many of them are missing and inconsistent. I prefer table games over slots in any casino, so this was my biggest disappointment. There are only about 8 tables, two of them are normal blackjack, and only one of them are open at any one time. Which means it is always packed to the brim, usually with idiots or annoying patrons. There are a few other tables, but they are variations of blackjack that involve some weird rules. The rest of them consitst of spanish 21, 3 card, ultimate hold em, and some other games. The slots are junk. A lot of them are broken or just really old. Bathrooms are also very under kept and often dirty and smelly. Aside from the Casino itself, the drive to get to the casino is quite dangerous. With 9 miles of twisting tight turns on a very small two lane road that borders very steep mountains really close, you have to be extremely careful and alert. The road also travels really close to actual reservation properties, which is really odd, and quite dangerous. I've also heard of reports from friends that the Indians on the reservation are very hostile and rude towards others. Even refusing to help when my friend got into an accident and rolled off the highway. My advice it to avoid this casino and take an extra 30 minutes to travel to a casino within the same vicinity. 
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