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I have lived in the area near the casino for years and have watched the BJ game become unbeatable.

The cards are brought from the back room to the table in a shoe never washed in front of players. I haven't had a winning session there in years and haven't played there in many years because of that.

Once, while playing by myself in a nearly empty casino, I asked the dealer for new cards ... he refused and then I asked to see the ones we were playing with and again, he refused.

Stinks like short shoeing to me. Beware, card counters!

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September 28, 2010
When they used 2 have real bj dealers I used to win most of time, last time i played i won $100. lucky i guess? Nice place. They've replaced real bj dealers with a machine that sits in the back left corner of casino past the soda fountain. I don't know whether playing against a friggen mach or human is better or not financially. I've won mostly on $1 wheel of fortune slot machine. 99% of time I walk out with more than I came with. On 24 Sept 2010 I won $500. w of f mach labor day 2010 over200. the won near double doors side double doors near front as u turn left from first double sliding doors first dollar slot on left as u enter side room,try it.i usually put in 100 and spin away usually aspin cums up or combination of sorts like three red 7 s or a wheel of fort symbol a red 7 and double,that was 480. not really alot buts ok 4 a days work i guess.take care, rr
1 results - showing 1 - 1