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(Updated: July 13, 2014)
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Well, after going to this casino quite often, I have definitely given up on it, it shouldn't have to have taken me so long to realize I just don't have a chance as most everyone who goes there, I am giving up trying because the outcome is always the same: lose everything I had to gamble there and after talking to several people while I was there, everyone said the same thing, it really hurts to lose your money at this casino but quite honestly it hurts me even more to see other people losing everything all the time and it hurts to see most everyone leaving the casino with their heads down and almost dragging their feet, that's just heartbreaking and a sad experience so I have put my Diamond players card through the shredder and not going back to this deceiving place that has no mercy on anyone, their slots are too tight all the time plus it appears their service quality is not as good as it used to be so its time to try another place or simply not gamble, perhaps a lottery ticket offers better odds than the odds of wining at barona which is a complete fiasco.
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January 30, 2015
It's over at Barona!!!..I dropped my diamond status!!..all of their FORMER diamond players are at Harrah's. I run into them all the time. Don't see how Barona will sustain..they are no longer viable. Hope the el cajon casino Barona homeless shelter shuttle comes through for them!!
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