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(Updated: April 03, 2014)
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Every time I have been to this casino, I have lost everything I had to gamble there, every other person I talked to while there; complained about the same thing, no matter haw long or how much you play; the outcome will be the same; you'll lose, many people told me the casino used to be much better but has been horrible for the past several months and nobody seems to win, of course I confirmed this by myself after spending three days there, sure the service is alright, the food is decent and the hotel rooms are decent too but it all comes at a very high price, you simply don't have a chance; I remember in other instances long ago; getting a bonus on a slot was almost guarantee that you'll get at least a little something, now while betting the max ($4.00) on my favorite slot got the bonus a few times, sometimes even to retrigger more than once and only won $10 or $20 after so many bonus runs betting the max, their machines are a joke and absolutely ripoffs so it is time to stop going there for good, it's an absolute waste of time and money, I really wonder if there is a regulating agency that checks on these casinos, they simply seem to get away with stealing people's money, of course nobody is forcing us to go there but I have decided to STOP voluntarily giving them my hard earned bucks for NO CHANCE AT ALL to ever win at least to end up close to even. I think they will lose many customers eventually.
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