sucker bets

By Sean Chaffin

Rolling bones, angling for a nice blackjack, or seeing that roulette wheel land just right. There’s nothing quite like a little gambling to get the blood flowing and bring on some nice feelings of excitement and anticipation.

But why just throw money away? Everyone has seen some poor sap making some of the worst wagers in the casino, metaphorically lighting that cash on fire as the house makes use of a hefty casino edge to separate this player from his hard-earned money.

Of course gamblers can do as they like with their own money and occasionally even defy long odds to collect some winnings. But for those who want to keep some of that cash in their pocket or wagered on some of the better options, here’s a look at some of the worst bets in a casino (note: these are in no particular order). Some come with long odds, big house edges, and some are just unwise because of the opportunity cost.

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