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Major slot machine manufacturer Scientific Games has teamed up with the “Thintervention” star Craig Ramsay to create Fitness & Slots on YouTube where viewers can learn how to combine exercise and mobile games.

AUSTIN, Texas, April 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With millions around the world looking to maintain a fitness routine during the Coronavirus quarantine, SciPlay (NASDAQ: SCPL) (“SciPlay” or the “Company”), one of the world’s leading social gaming companies, has teamed up with fitness influencer and Bravo star, Craig Ramsay, to launch Fitness & Slots.

The goal of the Fitness & Slots YouTube channel is to boost viewers’ health and mood. The channel will inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle despite the challenging circumstances by gamifying their workouts and combining top exercising techniques with SciPlay’s mobile games. 

Ramsay, who’s played SciPlay’s Social Casino games for years, was playing 88 FortunesÒ Slots while waiting to board a flight last year. He ran into a game issue due to poor internet connection and emailed SciPlay’s Customer Support for assistance. In his request, Ramsay introduced himself as a fan and Celebrity Personal Trainer, who encourages his clients to incorporate SciPlay’s slot machine games into their workout routines. The team at SciPlay couldn’t wait to learn more about Ramsay’s unique exercise method. Eventually, after a few conversations between the star and SciPlay’s Global CMO Noga Halperin and 88 Fortunes Slots‘ Marketing Lead, Dafna Ben Onn, the idea for the online video channel was born.

“I’m no rookie, I’ve been playing Jackpot Party®Bingo Showdown®88 Fortunes and other SciPlay games for years, while developing exercise programs that complement the games. I’m grateful that this form of exercise and movement is gathering momentum, helping people through these challenging times and positively changing peoples’ relationship with their body, health and wellness,” Ramsay said.

The YouTube channel will feature an exercise series based on SciPlay’s gaming hits. Viewers will learn all about Ramsay’s “Fitness and Slots” philosophy, participate in weekly challenges, and get inspired to incorporate gamified workouts into their day-to-day schedule and live healthier lifestyles. 

Ramsay adds, “Exercising is always important, but recent events and restrictions have made our society even more stressed than before, and people all around the world have difficulty maintaining a normal daily routine that includes movement. That stress has a negative effect on us, and physical movement has the power to make us feel de-stressed and calm. I’ve made it my passion to motivate people and support them through challenges and there is no better, more exciting and entertaining way than to invite people to gamify their workouts.

This exciting combo has inspired countless clients, friends and family members of mine to move their bodies, feel physically and mentally great and positively impact their health and wellness, ALL by simply continuing to play their favorite games, while consciously moving their bodies by walking, stretching, performing body weight exercises and more.”

To answer the growing need for activity and entertainment, new content will be constantly added based on viewers’ changing needs and preferences. Several days ago, the “Home Sweat Home” content series was released. The series, that was originally meant to include visits to celebrity homes and personal gamified training sessions, was adjusted due to current events and instead focuses on detailing Ramsay’s signature training method.

“We’re proud to partner with Craig because we believe in the message of Fitness & Slots and in its ability to improve both the exercising and gaming experience,” says Ben Onn. “This positive influence is crucial in our current circumstances and can make a real difference in people’s life while they are quarantined at home and dealing with a lack of movement. We believe that it can contribute not only to our players’ physical health, but also to their emotional state. We have an opportunity to help people relax and provide them with some much-needed fun.”

Ramsay is fitness expert well known for his role on Bravo’s “Thintervention” where he co-hosted with Jackie Warner. He was also featured as the stand out gay couple on Bravo’s international hit show “Newlyweds: The First Year”. His online series “5 minute workout anywhere” for Scripps Network gained him world-wide recognition.

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