What does it take to be ranked as the ‘best casino of 2019’ in a magazine with millions of avid readers and subscribers? It takes thousands of slots, hundreds of table games, premium high limit rooms, numerous luxurious restaurants, several exquisite bars and exceptional live entertainment every single day of the week.

Does all that sound like a Herculean feat to achieve? For many casinos, it probably is, but not for the San Manuel Casino. This is Southern California’s most popular casino and, with more than 12 million visitors each year, it’s arguably one of the most popular casinos in America and beyond. Does it deserve all the acclaim and patronage, though? Yes, it does, and you’ll soon find out why…

  • Fine Wine and Fine Dining

The San Manuel Casino likes to do things big. Case in point? The casino is home to the $10,000 cocktail. How many casinos can boast about something similar? This casino has in stock one of the rarest and the most expensive American whiskey, as affirmed by reputed sources like Forbes, Men’s Journal and more. Does that intrigue you? Or perhaps you’re curious to have a sip? Make your way to the casino and satiate your curiosity.

But the San Manuel Casino is not just about expensive wines. With over 10 restaurants and 11 bars, the dining options available to you are on a league of their own. Regardless of whether it’s breakfast, dinner or lunch, there’s a great array of dining choices for you.

The Rock & Brews and George Lopez’s Chingon Kitchen are two of the more popular restaurants, but the Pines Steakhouse, which is part of Southern California’s top steakhouses, is the most popular of them all. The Serrano Buffet is just as great too, offering more variety by serving Mexican, Asian, Italian and American dishes. And you might want to join Club Serrano because members are entitled to discounts as high as 20% at their dining establishments.

  • The Best Casino You’ll Ever See

There are always new types of slots being made, but the San Manuel Casino has them all; you can find almost 500 of the most popular and newest ones there. These slots and tabletop games have been entertaining gamblers and fun-seekers alike since 1986, and with over 35,000 visitors every day, it will keep entertaining people for many decades yet.

The San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians own this great casino, and they have successfully filled it with Vegas-style blackjack, classic games like EZ Baccarat, Pai Gow and infinite other games. Speaking of EZ Baccarat, that’s just one of the many Asian-inspired games at the casino, so if those are the kind of slots and games that catch your fancy, there’ll be more than enough of them for you to try.

The casino has a non-smoking room too, catering to the gamer who’s not too keen about tobacco wafting into his nose while he’s playing Free Bet Blackjack.

Perhaps you only like to play when the stakes are high? The High Limit room is for you, then. Games and high-dollar slots await high-limit players like you. You can, of course, expect to be pampered in luxurious, private lounges with exquisite food and beverages aplenty.

  • Non-Stop Entertainment

Slots and table-top games are fun, but that’s not enough, is it? That’s why there is great entertainment every night at the San Manuel Casino. Put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away at the Bar Bar Bar; better yet, go cheer the live performances at the Tukut Lounge. If you still want more variety, the Pines Steakhouse, and Chingon Tequila Lounge can easily cater to that.

The San Manuel Casino is a large place, and it offers something for everyone. It’s a place you can go have fun and be entertained, filling up your purse or wallet along the way too! But there’s still a lot more you should know about the San Manuel Casino, and what you don’t see here, you can find in the American Casino Guide book, an extremely resourceful book giving you great information about casinos all across America.

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