by Matt Bourie

There are a lot of great casinos to visit in the city of brotherly love. Apart from some of the best Philly cheesesteaks, there are a lot of phenomenal opportunities for casino game play.

When thinking of great places to gamble, we often immediately think of Vegas, however Philly really does have some amazing casino resorts, and games! 

A few of our favorites include: 

All Philadelphia casinos are land-based and there are three kinds: one hotel resort casino, one stand-alone casino, and two racetrack casinos.

So if you are more of a stay-in kind of person selecting a resort, such as “Valley Forge Casino Resort”, or “Live!” will be best suited for you! However for our race buffs, you will probably want to visit the racetrack casinos and search for hotels closer to those. No matter the casino you choose in Philly, you are bound to really enjoy your time there! 

Something that sets casinos apart in Philadelphia is that they are open 24 hours a day! So if you get really into a classic game of blackjack, you don’t ever have to stop playing! It is also great for people traveling internationally and may be in a different time zone, they can still enjoy the wonders the casinos offer there!  So what are you going to do after getting off that red eye flight to Philly? Head straight to the casinos! 

Next, let’s talk about casino games In Philadelphia! All casinos in the Philadelphia area offer: blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, slot machines, video poker, and video keno.

We also would like to provide you with the list of slot machine payback statistics for all Pennsylvania casinos. This way there will be no disappointment that a casino may not have your favorite game! Be sure to review all of the statistics before making your decision to invest in certain slots.

So to answer the question about why Philadelphia is great for casino gambling, it is because there is a little something for everyone to enjoy! Classic games, a resort, and a few racetrack casinos, what could be better? Oh the food!

Philly is famous for classics such as pizza, cheesesteaks, and so much more. You can eat good, sleep well, and play hard! We hope this helps you decide to take a leap and travel to the great city of Philadelphia! The city known for brotherly love. 

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