There is an endless list of great and fun things to do in Nebraska. Most likely you wouldn’t think of casinos as being one of them, but it is because there are four casinos located on Indian reservations in Nebraska.

So, whether it’s being entertained in the world of arts and culture, catching family fun, learning about history, having fun gaming, or engaging in other sports activities, you can always expect a fun vacation in this charming state.

The Ohiya Casino Resort is the largest gaming complex in Nebraska

  • Fun things to do in Nebraska

There are a limitless number of activities you can engage in during your stay in Nebraska, but we’ll just mention a few of the more popular ones. You could visit Vancouver Island for a great hike and experience outdoor adventures too; a fun shopping spree at the Old Market, built in the 19th century, is also a great idea. The Indian Cave State Park is also another exciting place for unlimited adventure opportunities. Better yet, book a driving tour in Sandhills.

  • Lists and types of Nebraska Casinos

Visiting the casinos in Nebraska should be on your list when you get there. Enjoy the thrill and excitement of countless of fun games. There are four casinos in Nebraska and all are located on Native American reservations

All Indian casino in Nebraska offer Class II gaming machines and they are all located on the east side of the state. Class II video gaming machines are devices that look like slot machines, but are actually bingo games and the spinning reels are for “entertainment purposes only.”

The four Indian casinos in Nebraska are: Iron Horse Bar and Casino, Lucky 77 Casino, Native Star Casino, and lastly, Ohiya Casino Resort.

  • Details on Nebraska Casinos

Some of the games played at Nebraska casinos, beside the Class II gaming machines are: Bingo, Keno and Off-track Betting. The minimum gambling age at all Nebraska casinos is 18 years for off-track betting and bingo, while it’s 19 for lotteries, gaming machines and keno.

Taking alcoholic drinks and beverages is not allowed within any of the casinos too, which means you shouldn’t expect any complimentary drinks from the house.

  • Slot Machine Payback Percentages at Nebraska Indian Casinos

The casinos in Nebraska are not required to release information on the payback percentages on their gaming machines to the public. 

In many states, however, the slot machine payback statistics for that particular state’s casinos are released as a matter of public record. Just click here to see a list of slot machine payback statistics for casinos in all U.S. states.

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