By Nicholas Colon

Tells aren’t just for the poker table. Tells are part of the blackjack card counting world, and avoiding telegraphing your play is crucial to having a successful advantage blackjack career. Here I’m going to discuss some common counter tells.

One clear sign that gives away card counters is their bet spreads. This is the difference in the highest bet you place and the lowest bet you place. For those of you that don’t know much about card counting in general the goal is to bet more when the count is positive (the deck favors the player because more large cards – Aces and 10-count cards remain) and less or not at all when the count is negative (the deck favors the dealer because there are more small count cards remaining – 2s thru 6s).

There is no rule on what kind of spreads will get noticed. That varies from casino to casino, possibly even shift to shift, but spreading 10 times your minimum bet will likely draw attention. Four or five times your minimum bet is pretty manageable. Don’t get greedy.

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