As with anything else, casinos that prove they are better than the rest are recognized with awards and distinctions. Two of the more prestigious ones are ‘Best Hotel Value in Las Vegas’ and ‘Best Casino’. The former comes from the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the latter is given by the Casino Player Magazine.

What are we on about here? Any casino that is given either recognition is labeled the ‘best of the best’, which is why it makes perfect sense the Downtown Grand Casino and Hotel is a recipient of both of them. What sets the Downtown Grand Casino apart from other casinos in Las Vegas, though? And just how big of a deal is this place? Let’s find out.

  • Gamble Your Woes Away

Gambling is a sure shot way to have endless fun. Enter a casino and look all around you. Almost every face you see will be smiling or grinning. The lone exceptions are gamblers hunched over tables and deep in thought, playing card games. Speaking of card games, the Downtown Grand Casino has unique table game offerings and extremely popular slot machines.

Maybe you’d rather watch the games than play them? This casino caters to that too, because there are literally dozens of screens riddling it, so you can watch the games from start to finish if you so wish.

The Grand Rewards card has to be mentioned here, too. All you have to do is sign up for it and you’ll enjoy great discounts on items at the famed Freedom Beat restaurant!

Downtown Grand Casino at night

  • Eat Your Woes Away

What’s better than one restaurant? Six excellent restaurants! Stepping into each one of them means a new experience awaits you because each restaurant offers different meal packages and a variety of meals. If you love the taste of rib-eye steak that’s been encrusted with porcini, or the sight of hand-tossed pizza tickles your taste buds, then any of these restaurants are a must. 

You know what? Make the most of your stay at the casino and pop into all six of them. Freedom Beat, Triple George Grill, Citrus and Grand Pool Deck, Art Bar, Furnace Bar and Pizza Rock all offer something unique and great, so try not to miss any of them. You’ll be really glad you didn’t!

Downtonw Grand Casino gaming fllor

Do you still want more? Well, the Downtown Grand Casino has a lot more, so log into and make a reservation, then pack your bags and head on over to Las Vegas to see what all the hype is about. Or rather, before you head there, log on to this website,, and buy a really informative and helpful book called the American Casino Guide book.

The title says it all, but a surprise comes along with your purchase: You get an assortment of money-saving food, gaming and beverage coupons, which just means you’re already winning even before you get to the Downtown Grand Casino!