Quins, the popular Sports Business magazine, has named the American Casino Guide Book a top gambling app in the US.

This puts the American Casino Guide Book alongside industry titans, like FanDuel, MGM, and DraftKings.

While our product may not provide gambling itself, it has plenty of resources for users to learn about all U.S. casinos, as well as the best strategies for playing all casino games.

The Guide Book’s inclusion on the list was based off several key factors, including user experience, core functionality, and innovative solutions.

Let’s talk about what the app brings to the table, and what you can gain from downloading the FREE American Casino Guide Book app to your phone for both iOS and Android users.

User Experience

The American Casino Guide Book app offers plenty of features that will assist in your gaming pursuits. The app provides a casinos near me function which shows all U.S. casinos within a range of 100 miles from a user’s location, plus a state-by-state index of all casinos.

Along with detailed information on each property, plus photos, reviews and special features, you can easily find a spot to have some casino fun quicker than ever.

The casino review section lets you see what other visitors thought of that property, so you get a firsthand opinion before planning your trip.

The app is also great for new casino players, because it features an extensive library of instructional tools and articles to help players understand the best strategies for all of the major casino games.

Whether you’re looking to use the app for learning or logistics, there’s no better option on the market than the FREE American Casino Guide Book app.

Core Functionality

The American Casino Guide Book App boasts stellar reviews on the app markets, with users citing it’s great UI as a reason to download it.

The app comes at no cost, and is always available to help you find gaming near you by tapping into your GPS, or just provide instructional material that you can read, watch, or listen to at any time.

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Innovative Solutions

The most prominent innovation that the American Casino Guide Book provides for its users is a listing of special coupon offers and deals that casinos are offering through the American Casino Guide’s printed book.

The coupon offers can include anything from rooms, food and drink, shows, even gambling bonuses. By providing this function, all users can get the best value from their gaming experience simply by downloading the app.

You can also search for your preferred type of offer, and further filter your results to find exactly what you’re looking for.

For more details on the iOS version of the app, or to download it for FREE, go to https://apps.apple.com/us/app/american-casino-guide/id574179564 

For more details on the Android version of the app, or to download it for FREE, go to https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sb.android.acg