Why Do You Need a Blackjack Strategy Chart?

If you have watched any of our  how to play blackjack videos, then you will know that the game of blackjack has one of the lowest house edges in the casino.

However, this is only true if you are playing every blackjack hand correctly. You see, blackjack is a game of skill, as well as luck, meaning that if you know how to properly play your hands, you will achieve a better payback percentage (in the long run) than someone who sits there and guesses how to play their blackjack hands.

Actually, there is only one mathematically correct way to play your hand in any given situation and it is the blackjack strategy chart that will show you how to do that. The chart will tell you how to play your hand based on the total of the cards you are dealt and also, the dealer’s up card. Just find those two factors on the chart and it will show you how to play that hand. This means that there is no guesswork on your part and you have an easy way to play your hands in the mathematically correct manner!

Listed below is a link for blackjack strategy charts. You can print them out and take them with you to the casino so you know how to properly play your hand in any given situation. Good Luck!

Keep in mind that a casino’s mathematical advantage against you can change, depending on the number of decks they use and the rules of the game they offer. Playing a single-deck game would be best, while an eight-deck game would be worst. Plus, some rules are good for you (dealer stands on soft 17, doubling after splitting allowed), while some are bad (dealer hits soft 17, no doubling down allowed).

This also means that the correct strategy can change slightly based on the number of decks used and the rules enforced. Therefore, you will notice that there are six different FREE blackjack strategy charts that we offer you on our website. Be sure to check at the top of each chart to make sure you are using the proper chart for the game that you will be playing.

If you use your blackjack strategy charts correctly, you can easily lower the casino’s long-term advantage to less than 1%, which makes it one of the best games in the casino. Especially, compared to slot machines which have a casino edge of about 5% to 15%. 

As a final word of caution, however, be sure that you only play blackjack games that pay you 3-to-2 if you are dealt a blackjack. Unfortunately, there are many casinos that now pay only 6-to-5, or even-money for dealt blackjacks, and they are usually found at the lower-limit tables.

If a casino only pays 6-to-5 for blackjacks, that raises the casino advantage by about 1.40%, more than doubling the casinos advantage! And, even worse, if they only pay even-money for blackjacks, that adds about an extra 2.30% to the casino’s edge over you, bringing it up to about 3.30%, making it more than triple the standard casino advantage of about 1%! 

So, be sure to avoid any game that doesn’t pay you 3-to-2 for your blackjacks!

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