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Talking Stick Resort Can Talk to My Hand
(Updated: February 15, 2012)
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Upon entering, I was struck by the lack of noticeable smoke. As I was getting my Player's Card, the employee beamed with delight and said she was happy that someone noticed. They have an improved filtration system that is supposed to be one of the best around. Still, you always get smokers sitting next to you, but I will not sit next to one voluntarily.

I really used to like this place for about the first nine months or so after they opened. The location was near the high rent district of Scottsdale-Paradise Valley--meaning upper class area and very different customers from the casino down the road where everyone looks like they are spending their welfare check. So enjoying the overall beautiful architectural design of the casino and hotel, one can imagine that the guests who stay there likewise have fat wallets since their rooms are about as much as I make in a week. Always interested in the local culture (I mean men), it would seem that one could possibly hook up with a winner here but many times, truck drivers are more fun and more real than snooty millionaires. So, rare conversations leading nowhere, and I was not able to check out the dance floor or food. Now, about the slots--I found them pretty tight at first but I found about a half dozen that I liked to play and could count on always getting a bonus round. Coming into town every couple of months, I can track the changes in the local casino scene. So I come in several months ago and all the loose machines were taken out. Apparently, the casino knows which machines are loose and don't want me to know, too. So now they are gone and just the real tight ones left. There's a few, but too few now. If you must gamble, go to the Wild Horse for a better shot at winning something. I won't be back here for a while.
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June 17, 2016
You have to gamble on the right days or else the slots are tight just like any other casino. You have a better chance winning here then anywhere else cause this casino is busy everyday of the week
Alec Marsh
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