Potawatomi Hotel & Casino

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Wisconsin 4831
Nice Casino but needs to Control Crowd better
(Updated: October 19, 2017)
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I been There twice and I Won money and I been Gambling Most my Life Occasionally! Their Staff was very good in my opinion but the Crowd was Terrible as Hell! Never walked around a Casino or playing slots and heard more Mumbling Insults in my Life! While playing Slots and hitting , winnings I heard more shit coming out of peoples mouths then ever. Anything from Name calling, Racial insults, just disrespectful as Hell. When I got up and start walking around looking at people and waiting for one of them to Talk face to Face I get nothing but stupid looks so when I approached a worker and told him that was he aware it was people just there to pick on folks he actually said yeah and he responded and walked with me for a few minutes and some started to leave asap. But They need better Security or they will have a lot of fights or worst! I won but will Never bow to punk bullies!
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