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(Updated: July 05, 2017)
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We are not happy about taking the burgers off your menu. You put this so called good food on there and we don't like it. A lot of it is way to salty, very spicy. Something older people do not like. Yes maybe you felt like you had to change it because you haven't raised your prices, well we did notice long time ago the hamburger patties had gotten smaller. We just figured we just don't have anything to take home, but that was ok. I've talked to others and they agreed with us. We just won't eat there. Do remember we are not alone and it just gives people another reason not to want to go to your casino. I'm sure you know what we spent and we haven't been going to your casino that much. We do bring one to two other people with us when we go and they spend money. I hope this isn't your way of saying we don't want your business. I can go to other casinos. I'll see if you respond.
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