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(Updated: August 24, 2011)
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Slots: That's all there is in the place, but one of the biggest problems is that the place is like an antique casino. The average age for how old the slots are has to be at least 10 years for the vast majority of them. They haven't changed many of them at all since the place opened 6+ years ago.

Although they've gotten some newer machines in it's still like stepping into some kind of "retro" casino. Only 6 machines for poker/keno that have about 3 featuring only poker or only keno.

Mostly penny machines with a section of VERY old bar slots that offer up the only dollar machines. Also a small section of very low bet nickle machines and a few antique 2 cent machines.

Table games:none

Customer Service: 3 if only because the place is very small. You're within vision of the security guard or one of the 2 workers that gossip/walk around the place at all times. Still, they're not the friendly sort and look annoyed that you made the 300+ pound workers/security guard move to fix a low paper machine or the like.

Players Club:1 if only because it's part of the same rewards club throughout most of Wisconsin's Ho Chunk casinos, but it still doesn't have any kind of rewards booth in the place. You have to bring your rewards club card from somewhere else, period. You will also NEVER get any kind of comps from the place and there's never any events for the place.

Gaming Atmosphere:1 the place is the size of a large living room almost. You're sitting elbow to elbow with people with very little selection in a VERY smoke filled box almost. Machines are ridiculously loud with most being so old you can't control the volume on them to begin with. A very old and angry crowd outside of the locals also..

Amenities or hotel:2 About the only other thing the place has to offer is a bathroom and a smoke shop convenience store. No tax on smokes, but the prices aren't any cheaper then you would pay at a Kwik Trip or the like. Variety has really been slimmed down lately when the place used to carry smokes you probably have never heard of before. Also has a gas station with a discount if you pay cash for gas, but they markup the gas price always and make it pointless to fill up there.

Food & Drink: 2 Well, they have the usual syrupy fountain pop and some very awful tasting coffee, but even that took years to put in. Guess you could buy a beer from the convenience store and drink it in there though.

It's not the worst place in the world, but they really didn't put much effort into it when they made it and even now. The place is just way too small with no variety or options. Being elbow to elbow with people while you play and having to squeeze in between people is beyond an annoyance.

Machines are pretty notorious for being quite tight also to top it all off. Pictures of people that have won have dates of 2+ years on them and are faded to help illustrate it.

Considering the area the casino is located you are much better served going to a casino like Black River Falls, Nekoosa, or Wisconsin Dells in all honesty.

Hope this helps, I've had a LOT of experience with this place sadly.
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