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(Updated: September 30, 2011)
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I'm a Diamond Club member at this joint and have been going here for two years at least 2-3 times a week. Well I used to. Just had enough of getting legally robbed. The machines are the tightest in the tri-state including The Meadows and The Mountaineer. I don't care what anyone has posted about winning here. I was a regular. And no I wasn't a senseless gambler either going out and betting max trying too nail a jackpot. I believe it's set up for you out of staters who show up once in a blue moon to hit something to lure you back. If you're not from West Virginia, you have better chances of winning. JUST LOOK AT THE WALL ON YOUR RIGHT WHEN YOU GO UP THE ESCALATOR. They have all the big winners names and where they are from listed. Just about EVERY SINGLE one is from PA and OHIO. Locals have no chance at all here. They know you keep coming back and spend your money, so why let you win? I believe your players club card has everything too do with what you win here. OR LACK THERE OF. The only machine you'll see hit is a Sizzling 7 machine, and that's not even a jackpot. It's $1,000.00. And that's a rarity. Once in awhile you'll see a dollar machine hit. With that many machines, there should always be a jackpot bell going off. ALWAYS. I went here 4 straight nights without seeing or hearing a jackpot. I've never personally hit one. You'd think being the highest level of membership they have you would have hit at least one measily $1,250.00 tax form signing jackpot. It's not just me either, The four other people i go with are Diamond members too and they too have never hit one. So throw out my bad luck or bad gambler thing out the window. Just saying If you live in the Ohio Valley (a local), DON'T COME HERE, YOU GET FULLY TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF. If you do, don't use a players club card. Besides they are virtually worthless as you can't get a free dinner anymore. The comps went out the door. The free play is a joke. It's true, I've never won a single ticket while playing with free play. Just a little advice from someone that knows this place inside and out
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September 30, 2011
I agree totally with all this. Well stated about what you say about locals losing. I am from Moundsville WV. I go here quite often and never win. I went there last weekend with five hundred dollars too spend. I played a Double Diamond Run machine betting 9 lines at a 3 bet which was 27, a $1.35 bet total. Played two of them and never got one single bonus. I was there 45 minutes and $500 dollars in the hole. That fast. Maybe you should try one of the local limited video lottery parlors. There everywhere. I have way way better luck playing them. I've been playing them more and more and Wheeling Island less and less. I have actually hit 3 jackpots in the past 6 weeks at these small places. None at Wheeling Island.
October 18, 2011
I am trying to get a hotel room in the casino and they never have them available. Do you know how to get a room? They asked if I had a coupon, I would like to see one of these coupons that will give you access to the hotel.
December 27, 2015
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They come in chocolate bars duh
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