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My husband was a regular at Wheeling, probably visiting once a week for the last year, and wagers in the 2-3K range each visit. HE HAS NEVER WON ANYTHING.. NOT A CASH GIVEAWAY, NO FREE SLOT PLAY, NOT A FREE BUFFET, NOT EVEN A GAS CARD.

I visited Wheeling Island on New Years Eve, this was my 6th visit in the last few months, never did any good on the slots, so I have been playing the dogs lately.

On all three of our most recent visits, one particular guy had his name chosen for a giveaway. All three times, he won cash. Well, on New Years, they were having a another giveaway of cash with the players card, and wouldn't you know it, this SAME MAN'S NAME WAS PULLED AGAIN!!!!

After a little investigating with the staff, I was told that he is a spouse of an employee. Now I know that the cash "giveaways" are only given away to family and friends of the staff, and not real (fair/random) contests. I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN THAT PLACE AGAIN!!!

Wheeling Island is making fools out of all of us that think WE may have a chance at winning a cash prize, they don't exist for anyone that is not "connected".
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