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(Updated: September 18, 2014)
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I need to respond to the previous review. Let's be realistic, as CJ suggests. Slots are a zero-sum game. You will lose. Maybe you can win 1 out of 6 times, but you are not walking out ahead. I would hope that all slot players have figured out that they cannot quit their day jobs to play at tribal casinos. The problem with the Clearwater is that they have a terrible payback rate as compared to other local casinos. This means that I pay an hourly rate for my gambling entertainment of 2 1/2 times the average of other casinos within a 90 minute drive of the Clearwater. I believe there are two possible reasons why: 1. the casino has set their slots at 82-87% payback to pay for their new construction and tribal funds, and/or 2. the casino aggressively advertises their large number of slot jackpots. Either way, it's pretty safe to assume that low and mid-level slot players are screwed. As in screwed more than average.
Yes, the staff is friendly, the place is clean and bright, but it is costing more for the visit every time. I have had many more bonus games, big wins, and greetings from the staff at the nearby Point Casino. I'm not a schill--you will lose money wherever and whenever you go, but you can do better for your gambling dollar elsewhere.
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