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No Point in Stopping Here
(Updated: May 07, 2011)
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I stopped in here on a weekday afternoon for a couple of hours, 1 to 4 pm. This place is very small, dark and way off the beaten path. The grainy eighties music and wood paneled walls at the Players Club desk add to the run-down tavern atmosphere. The table game(s?) were hard to find, thus very tiny. There are three or four offerings for many of the popular slot games, making for a very small gaming floor. Several of the machines were shut down or out of paper tickets. O.K., this looks very low budget; perhaps they keep the overhead down to pay out more prize money. Right. I played .30, .60, and 1.20 on several of the working machines. I was never close to breaking even. I found the play to be boring, with half-sized bonuses few and far between. Several of the regulars mentioned how things have tightened up since new management took over. In my case, I went to the Clearwater and made up for most of my losses.
I think the only way to survive here is to go right at opening early in the week and find "THE" hot machine in the casino. Just be warned--if you ever did win a jackpot here, everyone else in the room will most likely groan and glare at you for ruining their play for the rest of the evening.
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