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So much for family friendly. We took our 21 yr old for the excitement of an adult activity. We also took our 15 yr old and her friend. My 21 year old daughter was carded 22 times in 34 hours. When I finally spoke to someone about the embarrassment this was causing her at this point I was told that she looked young.. they could card her as many times as they’d like.. and if she didn’t like it she could get off the casino floor. When I asked to speak to the security guard in hopes of resolving the issue I was told she could get s stamp but those apparently don’t exist anymore. In response to my comment “Is this really how you treat your guests?” The “Fedral Tribal” 3rd Party Security Company informed me that is their standard procedure.. they don’t work for the casino.. and they aren’t concerned with guest services. I was then informed I could make a complaint about it but it wouldn’t affect them. After spending just shy of $500 in the arcade, obviously playing hard, my 15 year old and her 16 year old friend went to eat in the food court. My daughter had her head down on the table waiting for her food so she could take it to the room with her. I was in line ordering. No more than 3 minutes passed before another quest employee approached my youngest and told her if her head was down they would call security. She was terrified. I know reading this your probably thinking these people must have been doing something to cause this but I’m writing this outraged because we didn’t. We got our rooms.. ate in all of their resteraunts.. bought four sweaters in their gift shop.. hD some fun drinks because well she is 21 and gambled the night away.. doing our best not to let it get to us until it just really went to far. One guy even tried to tell us my daughter must look like someone they’ve had trouble with before. We’ll stick the Wildhorse for these types of outings in the future. I do not recommend taking children of any age to this venue. Done venting.
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