If you’re looking for a way to increase your chances of winning at roulette, you have come to the right place! In this review, we will explore some tips and strategies that might help you to beat the game.

It is essential to mention that roulette, like all casino games, is a gambling game, so you will also need a shot of luck to help you win. Of course, you won’t win every time you play and there is no magic formula for winning because you are basically relying on luck to come out ahead.

double-zero roulette wheel

A double zero roulette wheel in action

Keep in mind that there is no skill in roulette because each spin of the wheel is random and each spin is also independent of what happened in the past. The main goal when playing roulette is to hope that you are lucky enough to place a winning bet on the layout.

First, let’s do a little introduction on how to play.  Roulette is not a hard game to understand and it doesn’t have too many rules. You just choose a number where you think the ball will land. Half of the numbers on the wheel are red, and half are black one, plus there is the green “0”. If you are playing American double zero roulette, then there would also be a “00” space on the wheel.

On the betting table layout, you simply place your betting chip(s) on the corresponding number, color, or section you want to bet. Don’t forget that, even if you become an expert at this game, the house will end up winning most of the time because it has a mathematical edge over you because of the zero(s)!

And, if you are deciding between the European or American Roulette, we must advise you to choose the European one, as it has one less zero and the chances for you to win are slightly better.

On a double zero wheel the house edge is 5.26 percent, while on a single zero wheel the edge is lower at only 2.70 percent.

Roulette Tips

First, it might be helpful to have your strategy already prepared before you start to play, and not just make it up as you make your bets at the table. Changing your approach while you are in the middle of a game could be considered an act of despair and unpreparedness, which could lead to a loss based on emotional decisions. However, since roulette is basically a game of luck, you could also throw all caution to the wind and just make things up as you go along!

Please keep in mind that the most essential tip is to never bet more than you can spare to lose! When drawing up your budget, remember that this amount should be considered an entertainment expense and not an investment. It must be ready to “be lost,” because, as we have said, you are counting on luck to win.

If you feel that your desire to play continues, even when things are getting out of your control, do not hesitate to seek help. It is wise to know when to stop! In the end, it doesn’t make sense to chase big wins, without knowing when it’s time to stop. You especially don’t want to finish up losing everything that you have won if you’ve been on a lucky streak.

Some players like to observe the flow of the game from the outside before taking their seat at the table and they might also want to watch the moves of the other players. Other players might want to observe the ball spinning for a few rounds in the roulette wheel before placing their bets. This way, these players think they can check the authenticity of the wheel and determine if they think there are any trends (some roulette wheels tend to stop at odd numbers, for example).

roulette split bet

The “split bet” is a popular wager for roulette players

Also, some players will take time to observe the casino staff and see how they spin the wheel. If the same person has been in that role for a long time, spinning the wheel and releasing the ball with the same strength and in the same way every time then some players think they might be able to “clock the dealer” by calculating the end result based simply on the motions of the dealer.

Here are other tips some roulette players may like to use:

1 – Pay attention if the roulette wheel oscillates. Stay in a position where you can see the reflection of the light on the roulette wheel. If it swings, the representation becomes deformed. It can directly affect where it ends up;

2 – Try to identify biased roulette wheels. It may be that a wheel has dominant areas (imperfections that force the ball to stop at specific points), is crooked (the more twisted, the greater the tendency), higher barriers between houses, or reduced acceleration at particular points.

3 – Observe if the roulette balls are deformed. If the ball makes more noise in certain parts, it might be the result of a deformity. See if the roulette track is straight and firm. If so, the ball could bounce or make a different move. These deformities could allow the ball to fall in certain places more frequently.

If you are gambling online, before you play with your money, you should confirm the legitimacy of the platform. Look for a site that uses software by a well-known developer, such as RTG (Real Time Gaming). Also, be sure to look for online casinos that will give you a FREE no deposit bonus. This is like a welcome bonus, where the casino will offer you free spins or free money to play. This way, you can try their game to get familiar with the roulette wheel, table structure, payouts, and the dealer’s personality (this part only applies if you choose to play in the live version), before you bet your own money!

If you are new to online casinos then be sure take the opportunity to play for free to start familiarizing yourself with the dynamics of the game and also to try out your different strategies.

Roulette Strategies

Here, we will present you with some interesting strategies that some players think can improve their chances of winning in roulette!

Let’s begin with the most famous one: The Martingale System. It is easy to understand, but its accuracy is debatable. It works as follows: each time you place a bet and lose, you should make the same bet, but with twice the amount of money. So, imagine a situation where you bet $10 on red and lose, in the next move, you double the bet to $20, but you lose again. Then, the next bet would be $40. You just keep increasing your bet until, hopefully, you win. Then you will recover the money you lost in the previous bets, plus you will realize a profit that is equal to the amount of your original bet. The big problem with this system is that your bet size increases very rapidly. This system can usually work for a while, but eventually, your luck will run out and you will have a very expensive losing streak which could bust your bankroll. Also, every casino game has a maximum betting limit, so at a certain point, you will no longer to be able to double your bet!

roulette minimum bets

All roulette tables have minimum and maximum bet limits

Next, we present to you the Grand Martingale Betting System. It works like the previous system, except that every time you double the bet, you add an extra amount to the initial bet. If this system goes right and you win on one round, in addition to covering your expenses, you also make some profit, which probably is your number one goal. But if you lose, your budget will end faster.

Another lesser-known roulette strategy, but popular among beginners, is the James Bond System and is only used on single zero wheels. It consists of a combination of bets, totaling $200, but it gives you a lot of chances to win. In this system you need to bet $10 on zero, $140 on the 19-36 box, and $50 on the 13-18 table. With this kind of strategy, you have a good chance of winning because you will only lose if the ball lands on a number between 1 and 12. And, if you do win you will have a profit of $80 when the winning number is between 19 and 36; a $100 profit if one of the six numbers is from 13 to 18 the winner: and if the winning number is zero then you will make a $160 profit.

While these are all interesting roulette strategies, the big problem is that none of them will really help you to walk away as a winner because they do nothing to lower the casino’s mathematical advantage over you.

The best strategy is to only play a single zero roulette wheel, rather than a double zero wheel because the house edge is much lower: 2.70 percent versus 5.26 percent.

Lastly, we introduce you to the rule “en prison.” This rule usually applies only to the European single zero roulette wheel, but not always. Let’s say you bet on black. If the ball lands in zero, the table takes your $10, and the wheel spins again. If it falls into a black number, you win your $10 back. You will not make a profit, but at least you will get your money back.


All the tips you found in this article can be fun to follow! They certainly won’t guarantee you a winning roulette game, but they will allow you to look at the game differently. And, while we know that, ultimately, your chances of winning at roulette will be based on luck, it might be a little more adventurous to try out some different strategies to find the best one for yourself!

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