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A complete dump in the middle of Beirut
(Updated: July 03, 2016)
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It's a miracle (for them) that this place is still open. When you picture the worst possible neighborhood in America to house a casino, the Harrah's in Chester is by far the poster child. The garage smells like a one giant toilet, the casino has security at every entrance as though they literally expect the Bloods and the Crips to arrive any second. And this was at 10 in the morning! The casino itself is rather typical. Smoky as hell (even by smoky casino standards) and lifeless dealers who look like they drew the short straw at Dealer School and got assigned to the Harrah's - Chester (which they did!). There are perfectly good casinos less than an hour away in every direction (Atlantic city, sugar house, parx, and even the Delaware ones to the south. Which honestly makes me wonder who in their right mind would ever come here a second time? Avoid at all costs. The experience is MUCH better at Sugar House and Parx, both less than 40 minutes away. If you're in the Philly area trying to figure out which one to go lose some money at, thank me later and pick a different one. 
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