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(Updated: June 09, 2012)
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This casino is the closest to us we play slots, my husband used to play cards. We go once a week and lose EVERY WEEK!! ugh since they opened we won 4 times it's getting to the point where we are thinking of saving our money and going to Spokane once a month at least we can have a better chance of at least breaking even. They won't even give us a break on the room rates we spend 300.00 a week OMG!! no wonder they can afford to add more space!
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July 01, 2013
Wildhorse Resort & Casino prides itself in maintaining competitive payback rates on our slot machines. We strive for loyal and satisfied customers in all areas of our resort. To have machines “tighter” than our competitors simply not something we do and in fact we have not tightened our machines since we opened our doors 18 years ago. A fact that we are very proud of! Thousands of people have won and continue to win at Wildhorse Resort & Casino everyday, I am sorry that was not the case with your visit. It is simply a question of being on the right machine at the right time. Players at Wildhorse Resort & Casino who join our players club, Club Wild, and use their card when playing earn points which can be redeemed for hotel rooms, food, the gift shop, movies, golf, gas, or can be down loaded at Free Play on our slot machines. Additional comps for hotel, food, gas, golf, gift shop, and movies are also available. The important thing to receive all of the benefits available is to always play with your Club Wild card.

Michael Ehrlich
Casino Marketing Manager
Wildhorse Resort & Casino
Michael Ehrlich
September 22, 2013
In reply to an earlier comment

Well said Michael! That's why it's called gambling. Coming out for b-day stay, can't wait! Hope the golf course is in good shape! Ken and Angle L.
Ken Leisten
March 04, 2017
Rose- If you wont money most of the time you went to a Casino, they would go out of business! In regards card games, you have to be like the Kenny Rogers song. Know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run....
In regards hotel rates, perhaps try other hotels then the Casino hotel, in regards non-Nevada Casino's that have hotels, I hardly ever stay at them as they're always over-priced, I generally will look at or other services like that and find a hotel in the same town or near the Casino. You will get a decent hotel that way for under $100.
Richard Halvorson
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