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My wife and I go to Jackpot NV once a year for vacation. We decided we would try Wildhorse casino this year as a change from the usual. For the reasons noted below, we will not be returning:

The reservations we made were for a courtyard standard room with one king bed. They put us in a room with 2 queen beds.

We told them we were bringing our small chiguagua with us. They said that would be OK. But did not mention that the rooms would be an extra 10 bucks a night and a 200 dollar pet deposit...which is no big deal except for the fact we were not informed by them of this until we were checking in. This info is also nowhere to be found on their website either.

You can't drink a beer while you gamble because the Indian reservation is a dry reservation. You can only drink inside the wildfire sports bar, if you feel like paying for overpriced drinks that should be free. That was the deal breaker for me and my wife. When we go to Jackpot we get all our drinks for free at all the casinos while we are gambling which is a big comp in my eyes. It defrays the cost of the vacation and frees up more of my money to gamble with. The Wildhorse would double or even triple the amount of visitors to their casino if they would take a lesson from Nevada casinos and give free drinks to the people who are gambling. This info is also nowhere to be found on their website either.

The food was average at best and expensive for what you get.

Overall a very boring and costly experience!
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August 27, 2013
I agree that they should have informed you about the pet charge...insane. They also should have compensated you in some way for not having the room you reserved. As far as drinking on the casino floor, that is a matter of preference and I don't think they would make any more money by serving alcohol on the floor. I like the fact that they don't, myself. Nothing worse than being next to someone who smells of booze or is obnoxious due to having too many free drinks (as I have experienced on more than one occasion in Jackpot at Cactus Pete's) . I always enjoy Wildhorse, win or not. I am not there to get rich, just to have fun...and I do.
October 08, 2013
This sounds exactly like what happened to me & my husband. The pet thing....the whole bit. The desk clerk was totally rude to us when she told us about the $200 pet fee (cash only). No one had mentioned it during reservation (total BS and obviously they make a practice of this). I turned in my Player's Card and requested they take me off their mailing list. Their machines had been tight every time we've been there. Okay place if you always want to go home broke, food is like cafeteria food in the all you can eat. Bar has good hot wings but that's about all I can think of good to say. Employees there are not friendly.
2 results - showing 1 - 2