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This is not a steak house!
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This is the tightest casino I've seen in a long time. Every casino I've been to in WA or OR offered some kind of complimentary beverages/ coffee - this offers nothing ! To get x dollars in free play you must spend x dollars first. To get the free play for buying 10 gallons of gas is very complicated - inquire carefully! ( You must qualify your players card by spending x dollars !) I decided to get a steak dinner with the only free thing they gave me a 20% off coupon. Even though, I came more than an hour before closing time, they close down their food table an hour before closing time! WhenbI got my baked potato with my steak they put in sour cream without asking me ! When I asked for and got another baked potato, I asked for chives and bacon bits the waitress acted like I asked for "exotic ingredients". She finally gave me some chives but said bacon bits would be $1 extra. When I tried to explain what normal condiment other restaurants usual supply with a baked potato (i.e. chives, bacon bits, grated cheese) the restaurant manager exclaimed, " This is not a steak house ! " I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. 
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