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Over the years, it's now gotten impossible to play any slot machines at Winstar without feeling cheated and insulted. If you enjoy betting the max, getting the bonus for 36 free spins and winning $1.50, Winstar is the place for you. If you want to gamble at a Casino where $50 is a HUGE payout in a 4 hour period, you will really like Winstar Casino. It's not bad enough to just donate all your money, they want to make feel like they are laughing at you while you are losing. Why else would you hit 17 bonus plays on several different slot machines in a 3 hour time period and the biggest payout was $28.00. All but 3 of the 17 bonus plays paid out less than $10 and 7 of the bonus payouts paid less than $5. If you enjoy watching people get excited about hitting a slot bonus and then watch as the anger and frustration build as the machine goes thru the bonus progression and winning add to less than $10 for a $3 bet. I've seen an entire row of people playing Spin It Grand where every person hit the bonus at least 1 time in a 45 minute period, betting between 50 cents and $5, and not 1 person won more than $30. I have never seen or heard so many angry people leave those machines and swear they would never return.
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September 22, 2018
Your review would be extremely funny if it wasn't so chock full of truth.
Eighter from Decatur
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