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Oklahoma 1833
Great employees, great food, nice atmosphere!
(Updated: February 11, 2011)
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It has a little diner-style restaurant, featuring burgers, chicken, and chicken fried steaks. They also have a breakfast menu, available all day! The food isn't gourmet, but it is very good with big portions for the price you pay. I never leave hungry!

The slots are an on again-off again deal. Some days they're hot, others, they're not. I never go into a casino expecting to win, though. I just go to have a good time. Occasionally it gets hot around the slot machines, but there are always waitresses walking around asking if you want drinks. The sodas are free!

They have a small selection of table games, but all of the pit bosses and dealers are nice and friendly and HELPFUL! If you're not sure how to play, go ahead and have a seat! They'll teach you!

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October 16, 2012
All Oklahoma casinos are self regulated by Indian Gaming commission,All oklahoma casinos have no minimum payout percentages,if you win you are a new customer,take your winnings and leave and don't come back for a long while. Indian land is like a sovereign state and you have limited rights while you are there,so don't complain when you lose all your money.
john lacefield
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