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(Updated: September 26, 2012)
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Very! Very! Very! Tight machines and horrible customer service! They act like they are doing you a huge favor if they need to get up and do anything for you. In one case I had even complained to the manager and all I was told was “ Ya I have heard that before regarding the same employee being very rude to customers” really glad she is still there because I’m done spending my money there, I will drive the 6 hours to get to Deadwood before I go to this casino that I have been going to since they opened by the way. My very last straw was I had my chair up holding my machine and when I went back some other guy was playing it, I did confront him but he of course said there was no money in the machine (I then pulled out my card that was still in the machine to show him) to make a long story short I went to customer service and a lady did come back there to the machine with me but of course the guys again said there was no money in the machine, the customer service lady was leaving and when I asked what I should do she said she’d get someone else so there I was with this guy I confronted about playing the machine I had money in (anything could have happened before security finally did come who told me this happens a lot). In the end they did find that, yes, that guy did take my ticket out, put his $ in then later put my ticket back in so they did give me my $ back but , not too much fun playing after that when you feel you have to watch your back. Oh then here is another favorite that happened the very time just before this - I was playing a slot machine and yes it was loud, a lady told me to turn it down it was too annoying, um I think it was a rare occasion when a machine was actually letting me play longer than a few minutes and people are not used to hearing them make so much noise if you know what I mean... Sorry this casino is just not fun any longer I think the locals feel they own it and definitely are making it known lately. Oh well others to go to right…
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