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Senecas forgot the players...
(Updated: October 30, 2016)
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I have been going to the Seneca Casinos since they opened. Needless to say someone in their infinite wisdom decided to change the players program and also the percentage of payouts on the slots, definetly not in favor of the players. I would go play an average of one to two times a week, now I have no desire to even go once a month. Was just at Seneca Niagara last week, it was a joke, I may as well just given the Security Guard at the door my money and left, it would have been less aggravating to say the least. I do not expect to win (for which I never have, dumb me for playing) but I would at least like to be entertained being out for the day or night. The casinos are as much fun as being mugged in an alley. What happened, who changed everything? The food comps and show comps are non existent, they give you a food coupon (the likes of which you would give to the homeless at the city mission, what an insult.) The slot dollars, $10. per week, once in a while a bonus of same, what a joke. Hotel rooms you must beg for them, even though they send you a mailer that you are entitled to them. I really need to find better things to do with my money instead of supporting the Seneca Indian Families, I need to look to my own.
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