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I thought maybe the old Isleta, with reasonable chances to win, would be resurrected, once it separated from the Hard Rock. But, in my opinion, I was wrong. Lost $500 dollars in two hours and only hit one bonus that paid out a total of ten cents out of ten bonus spins on a nickle machine. Ten cents. Spent $50 a piece on at least four other nickle machines and never got a bonus from any of them. The majority of regular payouts I got were less than thirty cents, even five of a kinds that paid out only thirty - sixty cents a spin, less then the cost of the spin itself. Spent $150 on one penny machine to see how long it would take to hit at thirty cents a spin. I never found out, I ran out of money before ever hitting a bonus. And, this is not the first visit with similar results. Who needs the mafia when you can make money like this. Plus, who knows when they will join the rest of the world and ban smoking. The stench is terrible and stays in your clothes and even on your skin. Plus, they have to know that second hand smoke is a killer and evidently don't care. I Went to Route 66 Casino today and in comparison was pleased. End result was the same, I lost, and smoke was still bad. But, I was able to play far longer for far less money and was able to satisfy the itch without going broke. In comparison I would have to call that a win.
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