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(Updated: September 06, 2017)
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Scam artists!!! DONT STAY HERE!!! My grandmother was a frequent visitor of the Suncoast Casino and hotel, she had accumulated enough points to receive a two nights stay comped. When booking the room she asked the woman specifically if there were any taxes or extra fees and exactly how much her two night stay would cost to which the woman told her "Nothing! Its completely free! Congratulations!!" So my grandmother booked a flight all the way from East Tennessee and flew out to spend time with me and her great grand children. When she arrived at the Suncoast hotel and tried to check in they denied ever comping her stay. When she gave them the verification code they tried to say "oh, no, it wasn't comped it was a discounted price." Then the woman pretended to call the woman who booked the stay over the phone and supposedly the woman claimed she never booked it as a comped stay just discounted. The woman behind the desk was also SO rude and had the worst attitude of anyone in a service industry I've ever seen!! She treated my grandmother like an idiot! And my grandma was almost in tears she was so upset that she had flown all this way and been lied to, finally the woman behind the desk said "Well we will go ahead and comp you one night but the second will be the discounted price, but it was never comped." Like she was doing her some kind I huge favor. We said she would stay for the one comped night but would not be staying a second, then we asked multiple times EXACTLY how much they were going to charge us for the "comped" night. The woman told us nothing except the $100 deposit that would be returned to her. SO we checked in, went about our business and the next day checked out early. Instead of dropping the keys in the drop box, as is customary, we went to the front desk to check out and to double check that she hadn't been charged for her "free" stay. They were going to try to charge her $20 for a "resort fee"!!!! This is the most ridiculous crap I've ever seen a place try to pull!!! My grandma was very lucky to have family in this town and to have stood her ground or this place would have ripped her off!! When you say that it's free you can not turn around and charge for it! They tried to do her dirty and my family and I will NEVER be staying or playing here ever again!! I recommend if you are going here to change your reservations to a different hotel, because apparently at the Suncoast "free" is NOT free!!!
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September 06, 2017
I have the feeling that your grandmother was confused about the situation. Suncoast is a Boyd Gaming property and I have stayed at many of their properties for more than 20 years. Whenever you make a reservation, whether it is comped or paid, they will send you an email confirmation showing you the rate you paid. If it is free then the email will also say that there is no charge. In all the years that I have been staying at their properties I have never had a problem. I would suggest that you always bring the paperwork with you that confirms the term for the room you have reserved. This way there won't be any confusion.
Steve Bourie
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