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We have dined several times at Fuego and enjoyed our meals, but prices have increased and it is now ala carte except for (4) 3-course meals priced at $27 each including prime rib, but there is an asterisk indicating “when available”. We happened to be in the casino on a Saturday night (March 2013) and inquired whether the prime rib would be offered the following day which was Easter Sunday. We were assured yes, so I made a reservation. The next evening I ordered the prime rib only to be told the kitchen was temporarily out of it. My educated guess is because there were only no other reservations and only 2 tables occupied, the chef made a decision not to roast a prime rib.

My wife ordered the prime, filet style, sirloin accompanied by a humongous sweet potato and baby carrots. I went with the evening's special, a braised lamb shank with roasted potatoes and baby carrots. Each of our entrees turned out to be pretty good though I was a bit surprised the lamb shank was served plain rather than in its braising liquid. We concluded the meal with a pair of excellent desserts, crème brulee for the lady and fresh berries in Grand Marnier sauce for your humble reporter. We paid with slot points and enjoyed our dining experience.
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