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Montana 2051
Casino one of the worst Native American Casinos
(Updated: August 20, 2015)
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I went there two different nights. The first night I had one of the reels jam on a 3$ max bet. The service buttons do not work or the employeees weren't paying attention. There are no reserve signs in case you need to find an employee when you have problems with your machine. Once I found somebody to help me fix the machine where the reel was stuck or jammed I asked what about my 3$ bet. It wasn't my fault the machine jammed. The employee told me there was nothing he could like I was crazy for asking. The second night I had another machine reel get stuck during the free spins. Once again I had to go find somebody to help because the service buttons do not work. Once he fixed the jammed reel the machine kicked me out free spins. As I started to walk around there were several machines that said out of paper, reel stuck, and employees were doing nothing about it. When I go to a casino I shouldn't have to help and notify the employees to fix the machines. I blame that on poor management. If I have a wad of money to gamble with I want to have fun and gamble. I've been to the Glacier peaks in Browning several times and never once had a reel get stuck or jammed and never had any machine problems. I've been Apsaalooke Nights Casino never once had the problems I've had at the kwataqnuk. We stayed with our family there in Polson and they said they've heard of people about to win big and the machine malfunctioned. On my next visit there I'm not spending my money at the kwataqnuk.
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