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Argosy sucks
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I have been going to Argosy pretty often over the last 2.5 years that I have lived in Kansas City. I am going to warn everyone about the casino as it has taken hundreds of dollars from me over and over and over. I mostly play slots and I am very familiar with nearly every slot machine over the years because I have played at many casinos across the country. I have never seen a place that was so tight that one absolutely will never win. However with Argosy, you will not win more than a few dollars. I have never walked out of the casino with more than $60 up. However, I have gone in with more than $300 and lost every penny of it within an hour nearly every time that I walk in there and sit down at a machine. This has happened to me 95 percent of the time. I go frequently too. I continue giving the casino an opportunity to change my mind by returning to the casino and every single time I lose the money within an hour. I want to make clear that i have been to many casinos and i have lost but there are a lot of times that i do walk out with some money at other casinos in different parts of the country. I do not trust Argosy at this point. They are only there to take your money and not give one a fair chance to walk away with even the money they walk in with. I am tired of the way this casino works and question their payouts. Please be warned about Argosy in Kansas City.
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