Grand Casino Mille Lacs

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2.6 14
Minnesota 3458
Tighter than a butthole
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The workers are very nice and polite. Except there wanna b super cop security guards. There are a few decent ones that treat you like people and not dirt. But there are a few that must have failed there police exams and are still butt hurt about it. Especially the black coat named mike. He takes advantage of the guests and looks down on them as if he is better than the rest of the world. I am a gold
card and I am harassed by him at least once a week. On top of being treated like a criminal for spending my money. I've hardly ever won anything. Grand casino Mille lacs is fined monthly for there illegal payout percentage. But they make so much money that it's cheaper for them to pay the fines than loosen the slots. They take advantage of people as much as they can. The food is good, but then again it should be for the price. There is not one good value in the whole building. I hope this review saves a lot of people a lot of money. Go anywhere else but this dump
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