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Greektown Casino's Poker Room has it all wrong. Their customer service reps make you feel like you are an interruption to their time, consistently showing a lack of interest in your being there. They also add an extra step between paying for chips and receiving them that no other casino in MI has-why? Who knows, but it isn't to make you feel like they want your business. Oh, and if you need to use the bathroom, better hope noone else does cuz 1 stall & 1 urinal for a poker room full of guys is all they have. And if you arrive any less than 15 minutes prior to a tournament, they'd rather turn you away than take your money and let you play. Add to these things that you have to get your parking validated or pay up, the terrible food in the poker room and at the casino deli, and the utter refusals to provide inflrmation on tournament blind levels and you have an all around terrible experience. Don't waste your time here to play poker, and don't plan on getting decent food or friendly service.
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