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Me and my girlfriend have been going to Paragon for a couple of years now. We live in Houston and drive the 5 hours to Marksville happily. Use to go to Lake Charles and Coushatta. Very seldom won anything.....floor table games always too crowded. Found Paragon by luck and have been going back ever since. The slots are the best I've found and the Video Poker machines also pay big frequently. I have hit $4000 twice and $2000 within the last 18 months. Comps are built up quickly. I now have a wonderful Host (Will Mire) who handles all my needs and takes good care of me whenever I visit. All the staff is friendly and helpful. We have traveled to Paragon for concerts like Ronnie Milsap, 38 Special and others. Great time. Rooms are very nice and the hotel doesn't smell like smoke. Great ventilation system. Steakhouse there is amazing and the buffet is more than adequate. I have recommended Paragon to all my friends. I usually visit every couple of months. I have not been back in a while as I have been rebuilding my home from Hurricane Harvey. Look to visit soon though.
Sat, 20 Jan 2018 22:15:22 +0000
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Poor....It took me 4 night staying there to get a good room.The final room stay was me reserving a non smoking room,which after getting there they gave me a smoking room..I told them I was allergic to smoke,they said they could spray the room.I had drove over 2 hours to get there..being late in the evening.I when ahead and stayed,well that cost me big time,over 500 dollars in doctor bills and almost 2 weeks out of work.The slots are too tight for me to play there...Sad...they need some serious adjusting with the casino from everything or people won't go......
Thu, 05 May 2016 21:52:33 +0000
<![CDATA[Paragon Casino Resort: paragon not worth spending you casino money]]> https://www.americancasinoguidebook.com/louisiana/paragon-casino-resort.html/discussions/2507785 https://www.americancasinoguidebook.com/louisiana/paragon-casino-resort.html/discussions/2507785 Paragon is good to spend you casino money . The slot payouts are not good the average payout is below the minimum coins betted. The casino was not that crowded ]]> Fri, 27 Nov 2015 07:28:11 +0000 <![CDATA[Paragon Casino Resort: overall experience]]> https://www.americancasinoguidebook.com/louisiana/paragon-casino-resort.html/discussions/2503813 https://www.americancasinoguidebook.com/louisiana/paragon-casino-resort.html/discussions/2503813 This casino has a lot to offer. I threw my company christms party there and was very satisfied. The evening buffet was terrific, the breakfast buffet was the only shortcoming. Very Poor rating D Minus. But, there are different choices. Overall experience, was great. t ]]> Tue, 25 Jan 2011 23:34:02 +0000 <![CDATA[Paragon Casino Resort: Telephone snub]]> https://www.americancasinoguidebook.com/louisiana/paragon-casino-resort.html/discussions/2502542 https://www.americancasinoguidebook.com/louisiana/paragon-casino-resort.html/discussions/2502542

Called to make RV reservations and the girl answered the phone, laughing loudly in my ear and keeping up a convervation with someone in the background while I was kept waiting and repeatedly saying "Hello."

Finally, after an expecially long, loud laugh, the girl asked if I could call her back later. I hung up. There are other casinos in the area with quite nice RV parks, and we'll stay at one of those.


Fri, 17 Jul 2009 13:59:29 +0000
<![CDATA[Paragon Casino Resort: Paragon fun]]> https://www.americancasinoguidebook.com/louisiana/paragon-casino-resort.html/discussions/2502342 https://www.americancasinoguidebook.com/louisiana/paragon-casino-resort.html/discussions/2502342

I decided to try for the poker rate and lost a lot of money before I qualified, but then saved about $70 on the room which was only $25 using the poker rate. Nice large room. It faced the inner courtyard, so I look down on the movie theater markee. I also could hear a light sound of the courtyard music, but it did not bother my sleeping.
The casino was interesting. There was a display of Indian heritage items and live aligators in small ponds inside the casino with shows given occasionally. I was a bit shocked while taking pictures of what I thought were stuffed aligators only to have them scurry off.

The first part of my poker play at 4-8 limit faced some raises and reraises and very poor flops so my money went quickly. The other sessions players were more restrained.

Around the table were some wonderful Cajun accents and I enjoyed the people. Dealers too were fiendly.

I don't know how one would access this casino without a car. The train that goes from New Orleans to Lake Charles does not pass close to here and there are no buses that anyone could tell me would get me there. Most of the players were locals.

In the room were free granola bars and bottled water and chips. Sure beats those casinos in Vegas like the Red Rock where just examining these things cost us money.
I'd go back and play again, but I doubt I'll be there with a car again.

Sun, 12 Apr 2009 17:59:16 +0000