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Scam, points don't link, poor mgmt
(Updated: September 03, 2017)
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would like to comment on the complete lies told by the management at the Red Mile.  On many occasions my husband and I noticed that the rewards cards were not linking the points to our play.  We reached out to the players services which in turn called management in hopes of resolving the matter. We were told on 4 separate occasions that it would be looked into and fixed,  we were missing out on promotions.  Within the last 2 weeks we have talked to "David" 2x and "Tristin" once. Each time we were promised it would be made right, and they would "personally" check into it it by the next business day with the exception of last night, the 1000,000 drawing promotion. We approached David yet again LAST NIGHT around 5 pm, he said he remembered us but did not apologize and he promised yet again that he would without a doubt come find us LAST NIGHT and MAKE things right by the time he left at 10pm. David passed us at least a dozen times, nothing..he did not leave at 10, we were there until the last drawing at 11, so was he. The day before we received the wrong teir scratch off, the very least we expected was the corrected scratch off and/or a freeplay voucher for the trouble. Still nothing.  We plan to give this review to Trip Advisor and many other different places. We spend alot if money here, but that will definitley cease as of today. The promotions and points are a scam. Drawings are unfair especially with the ability for one person to win multiple times ESPECIALLY on high promotion dates like the 100,000 drawing.  There was only a total of about 5k if that,  given away last night....where was the 100,000? Your customer service is terrible and management follow through is non existent. We plan to recommend to Lexington casino goers many of the casinos within a hour of so of Lexington that actually do give comps,  freeplay and correct any issues when they promise to. It's really too bad, we aren't the only one noticing the scams, lots of people talk outside and inside the casino about the issues and non follow up by management. 
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