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Customer service was ridiculus. Many members of our group party were accosted by "security" and told they were too intoxicated too enter the casino (after a 5 hour bus trip) and/or that they had to leave casino after a couple hours and a few drinks by threat of ticket and physical removal of premises.

Many of these people were not inebriated and were served all their drinks on the casino grounds. They were physically escorted to their rooms and told that they could not leave their rooms the entire evening.

These judgements were made by security guards based on moments of exposure to individuals of whom they had no knowlegde. No one was acting out, being rude, eccentric, etc. It was the most ridiculus and outrageous expereince I have ever witnessed in a casino setting.

Not one person was falling over or posed any type of danger. We were all from Wisconsin, and we certainly noticed the locals whooping it up at the casino bar with no harrassment.

This casino is a joke. I tell everyone who is planning to go and have a good time with a couple of drinks to strongly reconsider. Hell, come to a Wisconsin casino where we treat everyone with respect and we know how to have a good time and do so responsibily. Casino staff is insulting and on some type of "stuck in Iowa Power Trip." Honestly, don't go!!!


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